Folding series

Colaboration with Emanuelle Mazza.

The Project is a study in progress about perception, centralizad in the use of digital tools to materialize art pieces of different formats, focused to an evolution of abstract ad kinetic art, with special mention of Op art. The creation of these art pieces come from the concept of interrelating:

geometry, color, mouvement and sound, using the languages developed in the conceptual territory of abstraction, in the context of new Technologies and new ways of producing/diffusing the art work. We are interested in using programming from a visual and creatice perspective exploring the results in public art pieces


Festival Espacio Enter , Tea Tenerife, Canarias. Festival International de Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital 2012 · ART AFTER DARK 6 AMA | ART MUSEUM of the AMERICAS ORGANIZATION of AMERICAN STATES Washington, USA · Fem code UPV Folding Pattern, mapping on architecture, , Valencia Polythecnic Universitiy 2014 · NEW MEDIA VALENCIA Centro cultural de España en Bs As Folding Pattern_one en el Centro Cultural de España en Buenos aires, New Media Valencia, Julio 2011 · PUNTO Y RAYA Festival de animacion abstracta  ; centro de arte Reina Sofia, Madrid españa 2012 · Op&kinetic art then &now. Exposicion colectiva Galeria Punto Valencia 2013 · Arte y matematicas. Sala josep renau UPV. 2015 · 2º Congreso Internacional ASC: Art, Science and City UPV Valencia, 2015