Tangu Project first prototype, has been developed as a Master’s Final project in the Master of visual arts and multimedia of the Polithecnic University of Valencia, by the team of visual artists  Patricia Aragón Martín y Cristina Ghetti. TANGU Is an electronic device that maps the users position giving the necesary inputs to generate space modifications with artistic audiovisual proposals. I’ts a tactile surface, sensible to pressure. The electronic device works like an interruptor, giving us values:  on/off. This mapping is made in binary mode, giving us the information about the active buttons.   We had worked with the open source programs arduino  and processing

 The goals of the project may be synthetized as:

  • Investigation and y elaboration of participative interfaces, using open source and cheap materials.
  • Modificating space and architectonic carachteristics , with interactive audiovisuals.
  • Design and making of tactile interfaces,easy learnable and usable.
  • Concepts of multi-authorship and work in progress, conceives for multiple projects