Understanding abstraction

In this work, a tribute to an early Brian De Palma documentary posted on the Internet. A 20 minute film documenting the opening night of a OP ART exhibition at the MOMA in New York in 1966. working in a collage of film images, dialogues and her own art works, Ghetti re-reads this interesting piece that contains fantastic art works and quick interviews with some of the artists and public. De Palma depicts viewers responding to these artworks both physically and in commentary as a way to examine how technology-infused contemporary artworks play with our relationship to the screen.

Rather than an exhibition of contemporary optical artworks, the aim is to explore ideas about the process of looking, and our mental and physical relationship with art.
Fascinated with the “act of looking”, and the processs of observation; Cristina Ghetti’s works proposes us questions about our understanding of abstract art, as a metaphore of perception and “visual reality”.
Working with different media, from painting to instalation or video, her subject matter is restricted to a simple vocabulary of colours and abstract shapes. These forms are her starting point and from them she develops formal progressions, colour relationships and repetitive structures.